Get External Contact by Id or Phone Number

How can I get details for an external contact by the id (Customer-configured external contact ID) or a phone number?

My problem arises when I try create an external contact and the id or phone already exists so then I’d like to attempt to update that external contact but I’m unable to so with the id but instead I need the external_contact_id (The Zoom-generated external contact ID). Unfortunately I don’t see any way to get this.

Hi @lwise
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If you are trying to get a list of all external contacts, you could use the endpoint List/external contacts

and loop through the response to get the ID you are looking for

Hey @elisa.zoom ,
No, I’m trying to retrieve a single entry in the external contacts and I have 16K+ entries so this would be time consuming and sort of a waste of resources to do loop over the entire list this every time I need to fetch one.

Hey @lwise
Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint that can provide you with what you are looking for.
Please make a feature request here:

And feel free to tag me so I can follow up

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