GET /users/email only works for "Work Email" auth?

I’m encouraging our users to authenticate with Google to set up their account instead of typing in their name and a password to authenticate with Work Email. Unfortunately, the people who follow these instructions return false for the GET /users/email REST API method. Any ideas?

API reference:

Hi Johnathan, 

Let me check with our API Engineers and will follow up with you shortly. 


 Thanks Michael, I’m hoping to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:

Hi Johnathan, 

The GET /users/email only returns true if the email login type is associated with a Work Email. Our docs doesn’t state that but we will me make the change by end of day.

Thank you for addressing this documentation issue.

It would be nice if it returned true no matter which login_type was used. You could also modify it to allow providing the login_type (similar to ).