Account Level App -> Identifying if a user(email) is part of the account

How to identify if a particular user(email) is part of an Enterprise’s Zoom account?

We built an an account level OAuth app for different Enterprises using our product. It enables users of an enterprise to create zoom meetings in our product. As not all the users of an Enterprise might have a zoom account we are checking if the user(email) is part of the Enterprise’s Zoom account before showing them the option of creating a Zoom meeting.

Currently we are using GET /users/email to make that check. But this API is returning false for some users who are part of the Enterprise’s Zoom account. After going through the devforum, we found out that this API will return true only if the users email is a ‘Work Email’ (Devforum Topic) . So we started looking for alternatives.

We are now looking at using GET /users/{userId}. Can we assume that we can create zoom meeting via api for a user if the response of GET /users/{userId} has status: active for the users(email)? Or are there any cases where this can fail?

Hey @harsha,

Correct, the endpoint does not check against Google or Facebook SSO.

Yes, you should be able to create a meeting for any user returned from GET /users/{userId} .