Get Webinar Attendee Report within 15 mins after Webinar End Time

We are using API to fetch the webinar data that includes the attendees list, chat, QnA, webinar recording etc. Right now it takes nearly 2 hours to get this data - zoom takes time.

Is it possible to get just the attendee list along with their webinar join time within 15 minutes itself once the webinar is over?

@zoomisv1 The attendee reports does take some time to process depending on the number of attendees. If you need real time reports you can consider subscribing to QSS : Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) API

@ojus.zoom thank you for sharing the details however, after going through the documentation we have a few queries:

  1. how to get time spent by an attendee on the webinar - we can see there is a webhook triggered showing QoS details & time at which the user left the webinar but it does not contain the overall time he/she has spent on it

  2. If a user leaves a webinar and joins back then will we get 2 webhooks with details on the user attendance?

  3. We also use QnA, chat, etc - so, Is there any estimate how much time zoom takes to generate/process that information?

PS: as mentioned in the question, right now, we are querying details 2 hours after the webinar ends, however, we would like to process them earlier & need your help to understand how early we can process them (once Zoom has all the data ready)

Let me know if you have any questions