I want to capture the participation time of webinar attendees

I have a question about capturing the participation time of ZOOM webinar attendees.

We will be directing ZOOM webinar attendees to an external survey form where they will be given a confirmation test on the webinar content. We would like to include the time spent on the webinar in the results.

We would like to retrieve the webinar information via API, but is it possible to retrieve the webinar participation time from the ZOOM ID?

If you have any documentation such as a list of information that can be retrieved, it would be appreciated.

The flow I am envisioning is as follows
(1) Webinar will be held on ZOOM.

(2) Direct the ZOOM webinar attendees to the confirmation test form.

(3) Ask them to enter their ZOOM ID in the form.

(4) Ask them to answer the confirmation test.

(5) After the confirmation test, output the test results to CSV for tallying (we want to add the ZOOM participation time to this CSV).

(7) Judge the completion result based on the results of the confirmation test and ZOOM participation time in the tally.

(8) A certificate of completion will be issued based on the aggregate results.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Hi @y-shimada ,

Happy that you’re using Zoom! At this time, you cannot track participation in an external process through an external application, but you can see participant duration from this endpoint: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/reports/reportmeetingparticipants

Would this help?

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