Retrieve Zoom webinar attendee with information on attendee duration

Hi there,

I am looking to implement a custom integration with zoom and a PDF certificate generator we have developed.

I would like help with retrieving Zoom webinar attendee information with how long they attended the webinar for.

We need a webhook which is triggered from zoom itself when a webinar ends and which should then return all participants data with duration.

Any guidance here is much appreciated.

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Hi @chris13
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

We certainly have Webhooks that will help you accomplish what you are looking for!
Here you will find all the webhooks available for Webinars:

Now, you can integrate webhooks with various app types, that we have available in the Marketplace, but if its an internal application, I would suggest you to user our Server to Server Oauth app:

With this app, you will be able to generate access token to access our Rest APIs in case you need to and also to listen to event associated with your account.

Please, let me know if this helps!

Thanks for your reply Elisa.

After performing some testing I have received this question from my team.

API OR WEBHOOK EVENTS - which are we able to use to retrieve the participant list with time duration of each joined participant?

The main confusion here is how we can retrieve the participant duration in the Webinar.

Look forward to your reply.

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Hi @chris13
Sorry for the late reply here, I did not get a notification about your message.
For your question, you could use the participant.joined and participant.left events and track the duration of each participant (using webhooks) or you could also look into our Report endpoint: