Q&A Report API - not returning names in respons

response from API

{‘id’: 85XXXXXXXXX,
‘uuid’: ‘eOI5dLxeSXXXXXXXXX=’,
‘start_time’: ‘2023-02-14T09:58:35Z’,
‘questions’: [{‘name’: ‘Guest’,
‘email’: ‘’,
‘question_details’: [{‘question’: ‘XXXXXXXXXXX’,
{‘question’: ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX?’,

API Endpoints using

  1. /past_webinars/{webinar_id}/qa
  2. /report/webinars/{webinar_id}/qa

both response is same

However, when I download a report from Zoom Dashboard, it includes names, but the same webinar API response does not contains name of person who asked questions.

Hi @smunga
Are you still experiencing this issue?