getShareSettingType permission issue

I would like to get access to the share setting type for a meeting to adjust my custom UI.

When the user is the host of a meeting MeetingActionController.getShareSettingType works for this.

However when the user is not host that method results in ZoomSDKError_NoPermission.

Further, if the share setting type is in fact set to ShareSettingType_OnlyHostCanGrab and the host is currently sharing then the ZoomSDKASController.canStartShare method for a non-host returns true when it should be false.

If I then attempt to start a share from the non-host user it does fail to start, but the screen share that the host has in progress is stopped.

Is there any way to get the share setting type as a non-host to avoid this?

Which version?

Additional context
This is using a custom UI.

Hi @tysontune,

Thanks for the post. The interface getShareSettingType is used to configure the share, thus only host or co-host has the privellege to change the settings.

If you would like to get the share status, you may receive it via the following callback:

 * @brief Notification of the sharing status in the meeting.
 * @param status The sharing status.
 * @param userID The ID of user who is sharing.
- (void)onSharingStatus:(ZoomSDKShareStatus)status User:(unsigned int)userID;

Regarding the canStartShare method, we are able to identify an issue with this interface and we will fix this in the next release.

Thank you.