Problem in share desktop mode


I want to start meeting using API user in share desktop mode only with my toolbar appearing. Now when I do config.isDirectShareDesktop = YES in zoom config API before start meeting the meeting starts in share mode with green border around the corner but then nothing works and zoom meeting seems to be stuck/hung. Because it neither stars the screen sharing nor any API/controls of zoom SDK works like mic, video, chat( in short nothing works). and when a guest connects to such a meeting it gets stuck on the “host has started screen sharing” toast.

Please advice the solution.

This issue also is happening with your demo app

This should be a bug in sdk, and I will fix this in next sdk release.  


Hi Totti, by “bug” do you mean that screen sharing is broken for API users? What is the date for the next SDK release?

some internal interface haven’t sync timely, the next release time on github will be early August.

Hi Totti,

Thanks for your response and publishing the new SDK but now in this SDK there is new major issue.

I want to start the meeting and I am a host of that meeting already as I created that meeting in the zoom account. Now when I try to start the meeting using startMeeting API with “ZoomSDKUserType_APIUser” the meeting status changes to “waiting for host” instead of “in meeting”. This is wrong, If I am starting a meeting, I am host already then why it is in “waiting for host”. It seems I cannot host a meeting? 

Waiting for your response on this major issue.



Hi Bert, this API has refactored, you need use startMeetingWithZAK API with parameter zak, thanks.

what should I pass in zak (security session key)? How do I get it?

You can get zak from rest api, please refer to, thanks.