Getting a bad access error with your latest meeting. SDK version:

Hello Team

We encountered the bad access issue “Thread 9: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x4d55548a) xcode” while using iOS meeting SDK version As a result, we are unable to include the most recent version in our app. However, this issue did not appear in the previous version; could you please let me know if I missed anything when integrating the new version?

0x116e7a490 <+0>: pushq %rbp
0x116e7a491 <+1>: movq %rsp, %rbp
0x116e7a494 <+4>: pushq %r15
0x116e7a496 <+6>: pushq %r14
0x116e7a498 <+8>: pushq %r13
0x116e7a49a <+10>: pushq %r12
0x116e7a49c <+12>: pushq %rbx
0x116e7a49d <+13>: pushq %rax
0x116e7a49e <+14>: movq %rcx, %rbx
0x116e7a4a1 <+17>: movq %rdx, %r14
0x116e7a4a4 <+20>: movq %rsi, -0x30(%rbp)
0x116e7a4a8 <+24>: movq %rdi, %r12
0x116e7a4ab <+27>: movabsq $0x7fffffffffffffff, %r13 ; imm = 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
0x116e7a4b5 <+37>: jmp 0x116e7a4e0 ; <+80>
0x116e7a4b7 <+39>: leaq 0x1(%r13), %rcx
0x116e7a4bb <+43>: addq %r15, %rcx
0x116e7a4be <+46>: movq %rcx, %rdx
0x116e7a4c1 <+49>: movq %r12, %rdi
0x116e7a4c4 <+52>: movq -0x30(%rbp), %rsi
0x116e7a4c8 <+56>: callq 0x1180e05b0 ; symbol stub for: std::__1::condition_variable::__do_timed_wait(std::__1::unique_lockstd::__1::mutex&, std::__1::chrono::time_point<std::__1::chrono::system_clock, std::__1::chrono::duration<long long, std::__1::ratio<1l, 1000000000l> > >)
0x116e7a4cd <+61>: callq 0x1180e062e ; symbol stub for: std::__1::chrono::steady_clock::now()
0x116e7a4d2 <+66>: callq 0x1180e062e ; symbol stub for: std::__1::chrono::steady_clock::now()
0x116e7a4d7 <+71>: cmpq (%r14), %rax
0x116e7a4da <+74>: jge 0x116e7a575 ; <+229>
0x116e7a4e0 <+80>: movq 0x18(%rbx), %rdi
0x116e7a4e4 <+84>: testq %rdi, %rdi
0x116e7a4e7 <+87>: je 0x116e7a5a3 ; <+275>
0x116e7a4ed <+93>: movq (%rdi), %rax
→ 0x116e7a4f0 <+96>: callq *0x30(%rax)
0x116e7a4f3 <+99>: testb %al, %al
0x116e7a4f5 <+101>: jne 0x116e7a592 ; <+258>
0x116e7a4fb <+107>: callq 0x1180e062e ; symbol stub for: std::__1::chrono::steady_clock::now()
0x116e7a500 <+112>: movq (%r14), %r15
0x116e7a503 <+115>: cmpq %r15, %rax
0x116e7a506 <+118>: jge 0x116e7a575 ; <+229>
0x116e7a508 <+120>: callq 0x1180e062e ; symbol stub for: std::__1::chrono::steady_clock::now()
0x116e7a50d <+125>: subq %rax, %r15
0x116e7a510 <+128>: jle 0x116e7a4d2 ; <+66>
0x116e7a512 <+130>: callq 0x1180e062e ; symbol stub for: std::__1::chrono::steady_clock::now()
0x116e7a517 <+135>: callq 0x1180e063a ; symbol stub for: std::__1::chrono::system_clock::now()
0x116e7a51c <+140>: testq %rax, %rax
0x116e7a51f <+143>: je 0x116e7a540 ; <+176>
0x116e7a521 <+145>: jle 0x116e7a544 ; <+180>
0x116e7a523 <+147>: movq %r13, %rcx
0x116e7a526 <+150>: movabsq $0x20c49ba5e353f7, %rdx ; imm = 0x20C49BA5E353F7
0x116e7a530 <+160>: cmpq %rdx, %rax
0x116e7a533 <+163>: jbe 0x116e7a557 ; <+199>
0x116e7a535 <+165>: jmp 0x116e7a55e ; <+206>
0x116e7a537 <+167>: nopw (%rax,%rax)
0x116e7a540 <+176>: xorl %ecx, %ecx
0x116e7a542 <+178>: jmp 0x116e7a55e ; <+206>
0x116e7a544 <+180>: movabsq $-0x20c49ba5e353f7, %rcx ; imm = 0xFFDF3B645A1CAC09
0x116e7a54e <+190>: cmpq %rcx, %rax
0x116e7a551 <+193>: jb 0x116e7a4b7 ; <+39>
0x116e7a557 <+199>: imulq $0x3e8, %rax, %rcx ; imm = 0x3E8
0x116e7a55e <+206>: movq %r13, %rax
0x116e7a561 <+209>: subq %r15, %rax
0x116e7a564 <+212>: movq %r13, %rdx
0x116e7a567 <+215>: cmpq %rax, %rcx
0x116e7a56a <+218>: jle 0x116e7a4bb ; <+43>
0x116e7a570 <+224>: jmp 0x116e7a4c1 ; <+49>
0x116e7a575 <+229>: movq 0x18(%rbx), %rdi
0x116e7a579 <+233>: testq %rdi, %rdi
0x116e7a57c <+236>: je 0x116e7a5a3 ; <+275>
0x116e7a57e <+238>: movq (%rdi), %rax
0x116e7a581 <+241>: addq $0x8, %rsp
0x116e7a585 <+245>: popq %rbx
0x116e7a586 <+246>: popq %r12
0x116e7a588 <+248>: popq %r13
0x116e7a58a <+250>: popq %r14
0x116e7a58c <+252>: popq %r15
0x116e7a58e <+254>: popq %rbp
0x116e7a58f <+255>: jmpq *0x30(%rax)
0x116e7a592 <+258>: movb $0x1, %al
0x116e7a594 <+260>: addq $0x8, %rsp
0x116e7a598 <+264>: popq %rbx
0x116e7a599 <+265>: popq %r12
0x116e7a59b <+267>: popq %r13
0x116e7a59d <+269>: popq %r14
0x116e7a59f <+271>: popq %r15
0x116e7a5a1 <+273>: popq %rbp
0x116e7a5a2 <+274>: retq
0x116e7a5a3 <+275>: callq 0x117fcc8a0 ; ___lldb_unnamed_symbol275503
0x116e7a5a8 <+280>: nopl (%rax,%rax)

This is happening for me in the sample app in any version after 5.16.60. Has anyone else had this issue ?

I’m facing the same issue after updating to Zoom Meeting SDK version zoom-sdk-ios-
Please fix this issue ASAP.

We are getting the same issue after upgrading to

Does anyone from Zoom actually read these anymore? This seems like an important issue that needs to be looked into. I guess I need an expensive SLA to get your attention. @tommy

Hi @mb_j ,

Are you facing the crash on a real device or simulator?


Hi Elaine,
This happens in the simulator with the provided sample app.
In addition, we’ve been using the SDK for a long time since the earliest versions in our App - and as soon as we try any version past 5.16.60 the same thing occurs.



Exactly the same experience for us too.

I have the same issue. It happens for Debug mode. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks

Hi @mb_j

Are you running a React native project? Or a native iOS App?
We’re checking this issue internally and trying to solve it.
Thank you


Elaine, we’re just running a native IOS app…



Any updates on this, Elaine? We stuck here for the last week…

Facing the same issue. Do we have any update on this @elaine.ku ?

In case it’s helpful, we are only seeing problems on simulated iOS devices - physical devices seem to be working fine. The problem appears for us on versions and later. It seems like we are able to get around this issue by using

We have a native iOS app

For physical devices, I got this error:

warning: Module "/Users//Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/16.6 (20G75) arm64e/Symbols/usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib" uses triple “arm64e-apple-ios16.6.0”, which is not compatible with the target triple “arm64-apple-ios13.0.0”. Enabling per-module Swift scratch context.*

Do you have any ideas to fix? Thanks.

@elaine.ku How about some updates on this? It’s been 24 days since posted…

Update: It looks like v5.17.10.13930, which was released today resolves this issue.

Hi @mb_j @nishant @zacob ,

Would you please try the latest 5.17.10 version and see whether the issue still exist?
Thank you


The issue is fixed in this version update. Thanks.

Elaine, thank you, that version fixes the issue…