Getting an error while completing an authentication


We have recently configured a new sub-account in our Corp account that we want to use for testing external integrations. However, I am facing an error message while completing authentication that says, “Application Not Found’. It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission.” I have also attached the screenshot for the error message.

As an account admin for this sub-account, I would appreciate your assistance in identifying and resolving this issue. My account details are as follows:

I would also like to mention that we have a similar account (sandbox) with a working username. Please guide us on how we can fix this issue.

Thank you,
Gautam Gulati

Hi @ggulati
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Developer Community!
Is this new user under the same account as the user who created the application they are trying to authorize?


I am the admin for this account and using my credentials, I am trying to connect to Cvent Zoom Meetings and Webinar app using Cvent UI.

Hi Elisa,

For further context, we have 2 sub accounts under our subscription that we are trying to use for testing. One of the sub accounts we had set up earlier this year has the Cvent for Zoom Meetings and Webinars app connected and has been working. We set up another sub account a few weeks ago to test scenarios where a customer would need to link more than one Zoom account to their Cvent app. However, in this account we get the “Application Not Found” message that Gautam mentioned earlier.

Not sure what the most efficient way would be for us to get the master and sub account information, as well as the user account info and app information shared with Zoom’s dev team, but anything would be appreciated to try to get this working.

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Hi @dsolbach
I will send you a private message so you can share with me more information about these accounts so I can take a closer look at this
I am not sure what the issue could be