Update not reflecting in our app (Cvent)

Hi Team,

Our app (Cvent) was recently updated, approved and published. We requested to remove the scope ‘user:write:admin’ . However, when trying to test, this scope is still required.

Hey @zoomintegrationadmin

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
In your testing, are you calling any endpoint that requires said scope?
Is your app just not working or are you getting blocked at a specific point?

We are getting blocked while trying to authenticate. It is requiring us to select the edit user scope in zoom. I am unable to attach a screenshot. Can we get on a call to show you what’s going on?

Oh Ok, got it.
I will send you a link to my calendar on a private message so we can meet up on a call :slight_smile:

Hi Elisa,

Thank you for connecting the other day. Did you hear back from the engineering team? If needed we can coordinate another call and include a wider audience.

Manik Soi

Hi there @zoomintegrationadmin
I have not heard back but I will come back to you shortly

yes @zoomintegrationadmin
We need the password .
You can send it via private message if you wish

Is there no way for your team to test it on their end using a different instance?

Unfortunately the only way for our reviewers to test this is using test credentials provided by you.
Let me reach out to our Engineering team about this issue, could you please share a screenshot of the error with me via Direct Message>

Ok I am checking with my zoom admins

Our zoom admin will send these in an encrypted email.

Thanks @zoomintegrationadmin
I received the information
I will keep you updated

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