Getting difficulty with client side integration

Hi ,

I am using zoom for two way communication for my app . So the basic thing is like this that I have got "sample-app-web-master " from git hub . I placed the files in side a folder like this http://<site>/hacks/zoom/index.html (renamed the file as Zoom)  when I am hitting the url I am getting this

Now i have created a meeting for app 

next with the meeting id I am trying to login  it comes like this .

In js_media.js

function f(e, t, i) {
! function(e, t, i) {
var o = new XMLHttpRequest;
o.addEventListener(“load”, function() {
var o = “wasmUrl = '” + e.slice(0, e.lastIndexOf("/")) + “/’;” + this.responseText,
r = new Worker(window.URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([o])));
t &&, r)
}, o),“get”, e, !0), o.send()
}(e, function(e) {
var o = s.SPECIAL_ID;
t && t.Add(o, e), e.onmessage = i
}, this)

the path is taking form /lib not form hacks/zoom what could be the problem and how to resolve it

I am getting this error 

You’ll want to post this message in the JavaScript API Development forum.



Hi Sayantan, 

Usually when that error happens, it a syntax error or a misspelling with one of the included filenames. Where you able to include the source file as well? 

<script src=""></script>

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for the reply. Application is working now I want know more about the SDK how can we remove the invite option from client side 

show: false

and can I call this <div id=“zmmtg-root”></div> inside a <div> to make it web site friendly. so that I can place it to a particular position.



Anything that is not in the following list is not supported in the latest version as of now:

  • Supported browsers: IE 10+, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox with their latest version
  • Can join meetings but cannot start meetings
  • Receive screen share from other attendees, join the meeting through phone and leave meeting.

what about paid API version All the SDK  feature will work  on init of meeting ??  

Hi Saynatan, 

Most of our SDK features are an extension of Zooms services, therefore if the service require a paid account then it will not work on the SDK. 


Hi Sayantan,

Facing the same issue. Could you let me know how you managed to solve the path errors in the end?

Closing as this issue has been resolved a long time ago.