Getting error 2013 while creating a session from Android sdk

  1. I am trying to use Zoom sessions as i want to establish video/audio calls between my users who may not have zoom accounts.
  2. there is no sample code provided to joinSession in the sample app from zoom on github
  3. I am trying to follow the documentation for integration and authentication.
  4. when I am calling joinSession, I am getting error code 2013 and the documentation says it is some remote db error and asked to reachout to support if the issue persists.

val params = ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext().apply {
sessionName = “sessionformilav”
userName = “jacksparrow”
token = “valid token”
// audioOption = audioOptions
// videoOption = videoOptions
sessionPassword = “123456”

The token i created exactly following the documentation here : Authorization

It is very confusing to see the terminology “sdkKey, sdkSecret” where the app credentials in the zoom market place are called as “Client ID and ClientSecret” … I have used “Client ID and ClientSecret” in place of “sdkKey, sdkSecret” to generate the token… is that okay?

Please help

@balajisunku from what you are mentioning, it seems that you are using the Meeting SDK App Type instead of the Video SDK App Type. These are 2 different products

If you are using a Video SDK, you will need to create a Video SDK App Type.
You can sign up for a Video SDK account here Buy it now - Zoom

The marketplace app should look something like this

Dear @chunsiong.zoom

Thank you so much for your quick response. i really appreciate it.

I followed the link and purchased the “Pay as you go” plan and it has taken me to the Zoom user dashboard where i dont see an option to create a Video SDK App Type.

When I go through the Zoom Marketplace, Develop —> BuildApp option, i am seeing only option to select Meeting SDK, but not Video SDK…

And i am not seeing Zoom Sessions category anywhere in the categories. I am seeing Zoom Meetings, Rooms and Phone categories. Does Zoom Sessions fall in one of these categories?

My aim is to establish video/audio calls between the users who doesn’t need to have zoom accounts. Please suggest if Zoom Sessions are the right choice or not.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Dear @chunsiong.zoom

I have the following concerns to add on top of my above request

Once the session establishment is done, I would like to implement the video views and audio streams on my android, iOS and web apps.

I am not seeing any sample code about the Zoom sessions on the github page of zoom.

Please let me know if there is any sample app which has all the ui code for Zoom sessions.

I am struggling to find the right help. Any help would be really great :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Dear @chunsiong.zoom,

On the other thread of you, I noticed that my account type must be Video SDK inorder to be able to create Video SDK apps. But mine is showing as free and when i am seeing upgrade options, It is asking me to pay 1300 INR per month for Zoom pro.

May i know if Zoom Pro is necessary for Zoom sessions? Asking this because, in the link you had provided, it was pay per usage with 10000 mins free per month.

Please help me to resolve this mystery :slight_smile:

Note : I am adding all the investigation details before you replied for my first follow up query (as and when i am finding them) to reduce the to and fro between us as you will give consolidated reply for all my questsions :slight_smile: Hope you understand that, please bare with me :slight_smile:

It will be really helpful if there can be any call for 15 mins where i can clarify all my challenges :slight_smile:

Dear @chunsiong.zoom,

I think i had figured out the root cause.

I could not complete entering the payment information when i clicked on the “Buy now” link you shared for Video SDK, because I already had a personal account with the same email and it was throwing an error message that " Please login with your work email" . Since it was showing with a green tick, i assumed it as a request to re-login or something.

When I used a different email (although that is, I was able to enter the payment information and able to get an option to create app with Video SDK.

Now i am able to join the session and getting the callbacks about the other users who are joining the session :slight_smile:

I have downloaded the video sdk and got the sample app as well based on the screenshot you posted :slight_smile:

Overall, your one reply has unblocked me like anything which was strait to the point :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: You made my day :slight_smile:

The only query i have is, how can get the same thing worked with my primary email id for which I am getting the above error i.e “Please login with your work email *

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