Getting error 404 page not found in create a meeting


Hi all i followed the below link to create a meeting


but i got error 404 page not found  . can any 1 tell where i would’ve got wrong



Maybe something went wrong when you visited the page,you can visited again now.If it is still not found,please provide more detail of your using process


Hi Dean si  i’ve posted the screenshot of the api response . i am getting the same error in API play ground also . is there any thing else do you need ? 


Hi yv gru

The host_id is a user Id and should be a String that generated from the UUID, so the value of host_id in your body parameter is wrong, so it response a error that “User not exist.”



Hi Dean si ,

Thanks for your response,

By UserID do you mean the Personal MeetingID ? because i’ve passed that ID for UserID/UUID/HostID . If yes please tell me how to convert that into a string ? else tell me where is that UserID and how would i convert that to string ?

I followed this ( ) documentation for api where it doesn’t mention anywhere we need to pass UserID as a STRING so please make it clear and i happened to see this ( ) in which one of your support guys have instructed to pass directly as UUID . Can you please clear all  my doubts .? 


Hi yv gru

UserId is not Person MeetingId, it’s a user-unique ID that already exists as a string, So you need not convert anything, and you can use user getbyemail API to retrieve the host_id. Refer to,The"id" in responese body is UserId,and also being a HostId value to create a meeting via api.

UUID does not specifically refer to the unique id of an object,which is an abstract field following the UUID format.So it could be userId or maybe meetingID



Hi Dean si ,

i’ve obtained the User ID sucessfully by following this  ( )

i’ve passed this ID as host-id in create a meeting api ( )

Here is the response which i got

I can’t figure out where i got wrong …




Hi yv gru

Is there extra white space or something else here? Please check it


no whitespaces for sure …


Really strange! can you try with another UserId?


Thank you .It’s working fine now … i can see a response generated .

but i can’t see a meeting created in my meetings why is that ?

 and i get this error

stdClass Object ( [code] => 300 [message] => Request Body should be a valid JSON object. )

when i pass that create meeting api in php/curl program ?


You can pass start_time when create a meeting via API,and after response success you can refer to,switching to Upcomming Meeting or Previous Meetings tab to find your meeting

Response the error stdClass Object ( [code] => 300 [message] => Request Body should be a valid JSON object. ) mean that your parameter body don’t match the JSON format,you should check it or use some check tools and make sure it is correct