Getting Error Of Frameworks Build Time in Mac


Hello, I started mac development using zoom sdk and i implemented zoom sdk in my mac app code. Now when i am going for make .pkg or archive at that time i am getting below error.

code object is not signed at all In subcomponent

and i can not able to build app for mac os desktop app. Please suggest how to solve that framework error. I checked with demo sdk code also there also i am getting same error.



please refer to:


Hello Totti Zheng,

I refer below link and try with you given answer on that link but still i am getting same error. Please suggest what i can do for solve that issue.


Hi Bhavsang,

The shell script is just an sample, you need to replace your identity with certification common name in your keychain service, and then codesign all the bundle and framework in ZoomSDK folder you use., I promise this solution works.

BTW, we don’t suggest u to make .pkg by using xcode, and usr pkgutil instead.