Getting issue of error code 6601 and meeting status MEETING_STATUS_FAILED

We used mobilertc sdk for zoom meeting, we used the updated SDK and we are getting the error code 6601 and status is MEETING_STATUS_FAILED.

Can you help me out what is the exact error, I tried from last 2 days but none of them help me, Everyone said publish the app but why we need publish app on marketplace for using zoom sdk

@examtadka92 ,

Error 6601 means what joining external meeting failed.
To join external meeting, you will need to publish / verify your application.

If you do not publish / verify your application, you will only be able to join internal meetings.

Internal meeting: Meetings which are created by the users which resides in the same Zoom account as the SDK publisher,

Hi @chunsiong.zoom ,
Thank you for the reply but how do I verify my application ?

There should be a publish functionality on @examtadka92

You to need to change the intent to publish to true first if not already done so.

@chunsiong.zoom , I checked that and there is no option for Intent to publish . Do we need to first publish the app on zoom market place then able to choose intent to publish?

Also do we join meeting using meeting URL? I checked there is an option for handZoomWebUrl() but seems its not working.

See its only give me option for Request to publish. Why zoom need to publish app on their marketplace just for using meeting SDK ?

@examtadka92 this is a requirement for external meeting join.

Can a private app access external meetings ones published?

@egrunfeld I don’t really understand the question, but I’ll attempt to infer and answer it.

A published application can be a private application.
This published private application can be used to join external meeting.

Do note that private here refers to

  • limited number of users can use this. you can restrict who has access to your application
  • there will still be a public listing of your application’s meta data and information

@chunsiong.zoom, thank so much for your reply!
i should have said “submitted” instead of published.
Still need clarification please. Private app cannot be published.

What I am really trying to understand is whether I can create a Private meeting SDK client app that can join meetings hosted by users out of my organization. (in the development phase this is not possible).


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