Getting "p.sendSocket is not a function" error while connecting a meeting through web sdk

“p.sendSocket is not a function” error while connecting a meeting through web sdk. we are not getting any error event for this particular error. mostly this error occurred when joining a meeting while another meeting is in progress

p.sendSocket is not a function

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@tommy This seems to be happening far to frequently. Can you please advise on the resolution path for this.

@nitin1 @viveksingh

I posted similar issues with more details here, you might be interested in following this topic as well

@tommy in case you had some information here, can you add a link on my topic as well ? thank you.

@viveksingh by the way you’re not using 1.7.8 but 1.7.10 from your screenshot.

Hey @nvivot, @nitin1, @viveksingh,

Thanks for reporting this. Our Web SDK engineers are looking into this issue. (CS-2319)

I will report back with what they find. :slight_smile:


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