Getting response code 150

Did you found something?, You never answer the questions about how do you implement this in swift so, what data type did you use into the function?

I created a new swift project using v4.4.56624.1028. Everything work.

So I don’t know what the root cause of your problem is.
So I hope you can check the following first:
Is there a problem with SDK integration?
SDK initialization and auth have been successful, auth is a prerequisite for everything else.

If you still cannot join, we hope you can provide the log for us to troubleshoot your problem. In addition, I want to know what is your version of xocde?


Greetings @Murray_Li ,

I changed SDK to the new one, same version you mentioned, but when I try to replicate authentication code, not recognize the context line.

So I get back to the code that already work, SDK initialization and auth is success, next the problem 150 in params is still there.

Xcode ver. is 11.2.1
Thank you.

Hi operea,

Thanks for the reply and the screenshot. Really appreciate it. I have tried the same code as you have shown in your screenshot and I am not able to see the error:

Our engineer has created a sample project in Swift that simply init the SDK and join a meeting, you may find it here:

You may cross-reference with your project and please pay attention to the following when integrating:

Please have a try and hope it is helpful for you.