Not Getting Zoom Webhook Events


We have subscribed on some zoom webhook events like recording.started, recording.paused, recording.stopped and so on in our OAuth app. We are not able to receive some particular webhook events most of the time.

Problem Explanation
Webhook events for which we have subscribed, are not coming properly. Suppose we start a meeting, and then start the cloud recording, and after some time we stop/pause it, we get the recording.stopped/recording.paused webhook event but miss the recording.started event.
Sometime recording.started works fine and we miss some another webhook event. Things work fine some time but we are missing these events very frequently.

App: OAuth


Greetings, @Sneh,

Thanks for sharing these details. As a next step, would you be able to send your account details along with any API’s you’re requesting to From there we can look at your account and see if the Engineering team needs to troubleshoot.

Please include the following details :

  1. Provide a meeting UUID and an example participant for whom you didn’t receive the webhook event?

  2. Confirm which App you are subscribed to the event under (is it webhook only app, oauth app, etc.)

This will help me to further debug—I’ll keep an eye out!


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