Recording webhook event is not getting fired immediately from zoom, but meeting create, start, end event is working fine

Zoom Webhook events related to recordings are not coming immediately, it is taking more than usual to get the request in our web hook endpoint.
But all the events related to meetings are working as expected.


Which App?
Recording start, recording end webhook event

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Just use any webhook app and check

Hey @schourasia2013,

Which recording endpoint is being delayed? If it is the Recording Completed Webhook, that is expected. It takes some time to process depending on the length of the recording.


All the recording event such as recording start, recording ended. But I think it is working fine now. I will update the same thread if I see the issue happens again.

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Thanks @schourasia2013,

Yes please let us know if you see this issue again.


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