getVideoQuality() is always unknown for local user

Using SDK

I wanted to implement a bandwidth indicator for the local user. So I call:


But when I do this, SDK_NETWORK_STATUS.Network_Unknow is always returned. Similarly, if I listen for onUserNetworkQualityChanged(userId), I see it getting called for all of the remote users, but never for the local user.

Is video quality (network quality) not available for the local user?

Hi @vuzix_greg, thanks for the post.

Based on the behavior of other platforms, I would expect this to be available on Android. After some testing, it seems that this is not behaving the same as other platforms. We’ll need to look into whether or not this should be functioning in the same way as other platforms and get back to you on this.


Thanks @jon.lieblich.

While searching for a workaround, I discovered InMeetingService.querySessionNetworkStatus(). This method is much more reliable and provides finer grained control over different types of network status. The only downside is, I have to query it periodically because there’s no callback to know when things change. But so far it’s working well.

Hi @vuzix_greg,

That’s great to hear you were able to identify a partial workaround! I absolutely hear you on it not being ideal to resort to periodically checking a value. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we investigate why the other method & callback are not working correctly.


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