Give access to other developers to my Webhook-only app

I have a webhook-only app that I want to share with other developers, so they can change endpoints if they need to. At the moment I am the only developer who can change this endpoints.

No error, just cannot find where can I give this type of access currently.

Which App Type (Webhook)?
No endpoints, but access issue.

Hi @arturo.velazquez ,

Do you have your app to “intend to publish: Yes”?

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Hi Gianni!
Ahh no the application has intend to publish: No. Is there a way to change this ?
Thank you.
Arturo Velazquez

Hi @arturo.velazquez ,

I did some testing and reviewing and webhook only apps do not work for your intended use case. Only you have the ability to change the event types that your app would be subscribing too.

In order to share the app, it would be best to create an OAuth app with event subscriptions, but even then, you would set which events receive webhooks and provision access to the information you want them to see.

Does this make sense?


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Hi @gianni.zoom
Yep that makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.

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