Issue with Event Webhooks added since app approval for non-developer accounts

Our Oauth application was recently approved, and has not yet been published.

Since we’ve received approval, we have added additional Event webhooks. Specifically, we have added a webhook for meeting.registration_created and user.updated, among a couple of others.

Oauth and event webhooks included in the initial application are functional for all users (including zoom accounts that are not developers for this app).

However, the newly added event webhooks are not being fired for users outside of the developer accounts for this app, but are successfully firing and working for users that are developer accounts.

Does this application need to be resubmitted to approve these webhooks added since approval? Or is there a different issue occurring here? This application took several weeks for approval and we need this to be functional as soon as possible.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Oauth / Webhook

Which Endpoint/s?
meeting.registration_created, user.updated

Additional context
It’s also worth noting that our server is set up with the production Client ID and Client Secret, but event webhooks are firing to the development url endpoint.

Hey @neecholai,

Yes, you need to submit an update request for your app. Reason being, so users can be notified of the update, and authorize your app to access the additional scopes / webhooks.