Google Calendar & Zoom integration -- is this possible?

The company I work for uses zoom for majority of our meetings, and Google Calendar for sending invitations to these meetings.

The problem we often run into - it is not clear whether all the attendees have joined yet, as there is usually a large number of people. We have a hackathon coming up, and I would like to create a way for us to know whether everyone has joined, so my question is whether that is possible?

My solution would be something like:

  • get invited participants, zoom room id & password from Google Calendar
  • when meeting starts:
    • using zoom api check whether everyone has joined (I think webhook for joining comes in handy here?)
    • let the room know this status, either by sending automated message to the room (if that’s possible) or in some other way.

I know this is a long text, and I am not asking anyone to work out the full implementation details for me :smiley: I’d only like to know if such feat is achievable. Thanks!

Hey @justas.sam ,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question! This should definitely be possible.

Have you checked out our Participant Joined webhook?

You could use this to capture each individual that joins. This webhook will return the user’s ID, join time, and email (if they were logged in to your Zoom account when joining).

Let me know if this helps,

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