Gray Boxes in shared content

Here is the problem: Getting gray color box in shared screen - windows SDK c# wrapper issue
It is just a gray box blocking shared content.

I don;t know how to find the version

I am experiencing this issue too.
If I am not mistaken the gray boxes correspond to windows that the speaker has and leaves open in front of his presentation.
These windows if i am not mistaken are the “floating meeting controls” and the “video panel” so, i believe that explaining the speakers to go to:
more>hide floating meeting controls And again more>hide video panel.
Someone could confirm that this could solve the problem once and for all? the Zoom support agent replied me that doesn’t know if this fix the problem, still, suggested me to let the speaker share just a portion of the screen or a file (previously saved in google drive for example). By the way I would like to know an easier way to solve it… seeing black boxes is really causing a lot of problems.

Hey @etr and @savage21,

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I believe this was fixed in an update to the SDK. Can you provide the SDK version you are using so that we can investigate?