Guest Mode (beta) via Collaborate: You don't have permission

Hi all,

Today the twine team & I tried to use the new Guest mode feature.

First, we each downloaded & installed the latest beta build (from this message shared in Zoom Apps Announcements)

I also ensured that the Guest mode feature was enabled on my app;

I have been following the instructions from the Guest mode developer documentation;

  1. Use beta build :white_check_mark:
  2. Use Collaborate to send an invitation to unauthenticated users :white_check_mark:
  3. Accept the invitation as an unauthenticated user :no_entry_sign:

I was the meeting host & meeting owner, and I completed step 2. All other particiapnts in the meeting were signed out of the Zoom client and and as such were not authenticated.

They received an invite to Collaborate (with updated content/copy);

However, upon clicking “Join”, they recieved the following error message:

You don’t have permission to collaborate with this app.

It seems unusual that these users wouldn’t have permission, as they are not signed in to Zoom and they are not authenticated.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas/suggestions?


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@om7 Thanks for reaching out. Does enabling collaborate mode and reinstalling the app for the host have an effect? Is there a host in the meeting or are all the users unauthenticated?

Hey @MaxM

Collaborate mode is enabled.

There are two participants in the meeting: myself (the host) and Taylor (who is unauthenticated)

Guest mode and all new features in the beta build were available without modifying/re-installing the app, this so I wouldn’t expect it to make a difference, but we will try re-installing.

@om7 I was thinking of installing the app again to make sure that collaborative mode was enabled but it sounds like it is. Have you seen any change between enabling/disabling collaborative mode? Initially, I thought the issue might be that the correct permissions aren’t assigned.

Now, I’m thinking the client can’t tell the difference between calling the collaborative API and attempting to use the guest mode API as a test.

Does that line up with what you’re seeing on your end?