GuestMode: changeBreakoutRoom is not working

we are getting an error Error: Change Breakout Room failed. from changeBreakoutRoom zoom sdk api. It is working fine for host but not for attendee.

can someone help on this? Thank you!


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. Can you share more details about the behavior you are seeing?

  1. What are the exact steps to reproduce?

  2. Can you provide more details regarding your use case and the intended workflow you are trying to accomplish?

  3. Can you share a screenshot of the error you are seeing?

  4. What is the * user context status ? ‘unauthenticated’ or ‘authenticated’ or ‘authorized’

@donte.zoom thanks for replying,

  1. To reproduce please follow below steps:
  • start meeting => create breakout rooms using createBreakoutRooms => open all of them using
  • join attendee in that meeting and try to change the breakout room with changeBreakoutRoom API call.
  1. We have an application where user can enter into an event and sit on a table. When they sit on a table we assign them a breakout room. Its like virtual event concept. What we have done is created mapping of table and breakout room at our end. So if event has 5 tables that will be mapped to 5 breakout rooms. Now when you join you are assigned a table that means you will enter breakout room mapped to that table. Now if you hop on to a new table we need to switch to a new breakout room ie: breakout room mapped to that table. For doing this we use postmessage communication where we emit breakoutId each time that is mapped to a specific table.

We are getting all data fine, its just that when we try to switch it gives error mentioned below. This works fine for host or owner but not for attendee mode or guest mode. The documentation says it should work for both.

  1. authorized state and unauthenticated state both are not working


Can you please check two things:

  1. Are you allowing participants to choose breakout rooms? (option “participantsChoose”)
  2. Are you able to use assignParticipantToBreakoutRoom on the host side for that participant?

@evgeny.balashov thanks for the reply

we are now able to use this api at participant side as well after giving “participantsChoose” in option.
it’s not working for either automatically or manually

Just to clarify, did you mean you’re not able to? This sounds like it could be a bug but I just want to confirm with you first.


So there are 2 modes in zoom, one is participant choose, if we give this option in breakoutroom then we are able to change breakout room from participant side itself which we were planning to do. This makes sense as if we enable that option zoom itself gives options for participant to choose which breakout room they want to be in and we can do same via SDK as well change the breakout room of participant on certain events.

On earlier option where it was automatic we were not able to switch breakoutroom at participant and SDK used to give the error as mentioned above.

Does this make sense or do you think there is something wrong in this?

Yes, that’s correct: only “allow participants to choose” allows participants to trigger breakout room change.