Guest Mode (beta) not working for Logged-in users

Hey all,

We have been using Guest mode on the latest beta build and have noticed some unexpected behavior with participants that are Logged-in and do not have our Zoom app installed.

From the diagram shared during the Office Hours;

Here, we are referring to the “Logged-in” column, and specifically the section titled “Apps with Guest mode support” (as we’ve enabled Guest mode for our app).

We have not been successful in triggering “2. ToS & Privacy Confirmation —> Open” for Logged-in users (highlighted in red)

The steps we took:

  1. Host has the Zoom app installed
  2. Host opens the Zoom app in a meeting in which the other participants do not have the app installed
  3. Host invites participants to use the app.

As a guest (logged out, column 1 in diagram), participants correctly see:

However, as a Logged-in user (logged in, column 2 in diagram), participants see:

Clicking “Open" does not open Guest mode, but instead takes them through the normal install flow.

We expected to see “ToS & Privacy Confirmation —> Open” (according to Step 2 under “Apps with Guest mode support” in the diagram above) to initiate Guest mode for Logged-in users.

Using the app in Guest mode at this point is essential, as almost all of our customers are indeed logged in to Zoom but hit a roadblock in trying to download/authorize the app.


  • Are we initiating Guest mode incorrectly for Logged-in users? It looks like even Logged-in users are supposed to be able to access Guest mode based on the diagram.
  • Could this be a bug with Guest mode incorrectly handling Logged-in users?


We also recorded a few Loom videos from each perspective —

Guest’s perspective: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
Logged-in participant’s perspective: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hey @om7,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this. Are you still seeing this issue?

I think Guest Mode only prompts for TOS if the user is logged out because we can’t guarantee they’ve already accepted it. If you’re still seeing this then I want to confirm that’s the case.


Hey @MaxM,

Thanks for the reply - this post is actually resolved. I had my questions answered at office hours, and the Zoom Apps team has built a feature to address this! It should be coming out in the June release next week.

Thanks mate


Update: this feature has been built and has been released in the June 12 release (v5.11.0)

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