Guidance on Zoom Video SDK initialize and cleanUp methods

My implementation of the SDK is in a plugin, which might be instantiated when put into use by the main app and then de-instantiated later. This cycle can happen more than once within the run of the main app.

So, when the plugin was instantiated I called

 [[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] initialize:initParams]

When it was de-instantiated I called

[[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] cleanUp]

So far so good. But if I try to repeat that cycle, the initialize function fails.

The documentation on the cleanUp method for the ZMVideoSDK class is not very clear, saying:

**@brief** Clean up Zoom video sdk.

But this testing shows that one should not call cleanUp if one ever expects the SDK to function again.

Can you verify that assumption?

If the assumption is true, then it would seem the expectation of the SDK is to be initialized once during an application’s run cycle, and to be cleaned up once before the app exits. if that is indeed the case, perhaps the header files (and thus the doxygen documentation) could be updated to make this clear.

Best Wishes,

Hi @mark_coniglio,

I believe your understanding of this method is correct, but I can certainly follow up on this to verify that it is working as intended. If it is working properly, I will see what we can do to clarify the proper usage in our reference documentation. :slightly_smiling_face:


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