Troubleshooting Video SDK initialization on macOS

Video SDK Type and Version
Zoom Video SDK macOS 1.11.0

Initializing the SDK shared instance results in an error.

let params = ZMVideoSDKInitParams()
params.domain = ""
params.enableLog = true


The error returned form the initialization call is ZMVideoSDKErrors_Invalid_Parameter (7)

Troubleshooting Routes

  • I’ve followed the steps to integrate the SDK and compared my setup to the sample application.
  • All of the required libraries have been linked in the project build phases and copied all files to the ‘Frameworks’ directory.
  • The and were re-signed using codesign to match the certificate signing the parent application. (These were preventing building & running the project)

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
*1. Apply the troubleshooting steps above and notice the error.

What other troubleshooting steps are recommended? The error seems to suggest a parameter issue, but the parameters match the documentation and sample project.

An update…
I’ve update to use Video SDK version 1.11.2 and still seeing errors initializing. I’m also receiving ZMVideoSDKErrors_Internal_Error (2) from the onError() delegate callback.

I may have solved my issue. In the initialization of the SDK, the online documentation includes this:

let initParams = ZMVideoSDKInitParams()
initParams.domain = ""
initParams.enableLog = true

But, what is not indicated is that if you do not supply a logFilePrefix then SDK initialization will fail. Be sure to include that in your setup. This differs from the iOS SDK which does not require the log file prefix to be set.

let initParams = ZMVideoSDKInitParams()
initParams.domain = ""
initParams.enableLog = true
initParams.logFilePrefix = "ZoomSDK"

Fabulous work, Zoom team… maybe updating your documentation and sample projects should be a higher priority.