Wired HDMI sharing from room PC


Hello folks,

All our classrooms feature a integrated PC.

We’re currently deploying a ZR which uses the Mac mini as the ZR controller.
The mac mini is a late 2018, four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C connector) ports, two USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port.

The room is a ProAV room with Extron AV control running the ZR-CSAPI driver.

The room AV switcher sits in front of the Mac Mini.
The Mac mini acts as 2 inputs to the AV switcher (video and content)
The AV switcher acts as 2 outputs to the Mac Mini (local camera video source and local content source)

We’re planning on using the wired HDMI content share to feed an output of the AV switcher via HDMI to USB capture to the Mac Mini as content. (Our instructors share multiple AV sources as content -Room PC, Blu Ray, Doc Cam)

My question is, if we disable the automatic detection by selecting the manual HDMI sharing option for ZR, will the:
zCommand Call Sharing HDMI Start / zCommand Call Sharing HDMI Stop

commands work as expected?

We would simply add the zcommand as a user defined command behind the “share” button on our GUI.

Thanks in advance for any replies,



Yes, it will work. Keep in mind some things:

(1) For presentation-only meetings, the web portal setting has no effect: HDMI sharing is always automatically launched if the Zoom Room detects that a laptop is plugged into the HDMI capture box.

(2) If you set the Web option to require manually sharing, then HDMI sharing will not start if you are in a regular meeting and you plug in a Laptop HDMI cable. A regular meeting is also a meeting that started out as a presentation-only meeting, and was then upgraded to a regular meeting. The ZR-CSAPI command:

zCommand Call Sharing HDMI Start / zCommand Call Sharing HDMI Stop/Start

Will correctly start and stop HDMI sharing, if the meeting is a regular meeting.

(3) Make sure that you use a white-listed HDMI-to-USB capture box, to use the HDMI source for screen sharing. The white-listed boxes are listed here:

Be aware that Extron’s MediaPort 200 is not on the white-list.




Thank you very much for taking the time to reply!

We’ll be using a white-listed capture device.

Ironically, Extron released an update to the their control processor driver 2 days ago that included the behavior I was trying to achieve -I missed it.

Thanks again though.