HDMI sharing: Inogeni

One integrator had difficulty starting HDMI sharing using the Inogeni HDMI capture box. If having problems with HDMI content sharing, here are some things to check:

  • Verify that the Inogeni box you are using is the “4K2USB3 – 4K Ultra HD to USB 3.0”. The other Inogeni capture boxes are live-source-only, and can’t be used for HDMI sharing.

  • On the Web portal, configure the Zoom Room to automatically start sharing HDMI content when a laptop is plugged in to the Enogeni: For the Zoom Room, under Meeting Settings, turn off “Start HDMI content share manually on controller”. Then connect that laptop; HDMI sharing should start, without having to issue any HDMI sharing commands. If that works, then it should work with the API.

  • Also: turn on “Start HDMI content share manually on controller”, and see if it work when using the iPad, and try turning on HDMI sharing manually.

Thanks Scott.