Hello Zoom Staff , I have question on cloud recording resolution

First, I set group HD video as Full HD ( 1080p ) and i am using cloud recording.
Everything works fine, except that i get video file resolution 640 X 360 .

I read couple of thread in zoom devforum , and staffs are saying the resolution is set by machine and device . However, when we use our own ffmpeg method to produce video, it give us 1280 X 720 resolution.

So , i do not really know why those zoom cloud recorded video resolution and our own resolution is differ even though we use same machine and same cam device.

is there way to set cloud recording resolution ?

Currently, we are using latest zoom windows sdk .

Thank you!

Any one??? I even turn on HD and Group HD on every setting… but im still getting low resolution

Hey @ssijcfe,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Can you email me at DeveloperSupport@zoom.us? I will be able to further assist you there. Please mention my name and a link to this post.


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