Is it possible to set the resolution of recording?


The default resolution of recording is 640*360, which is not so clear. Does recording supoort 720P or other options? Thanks.


Hi Xu,

Zoom recording support 720P if the camera support it. Please provide more details regarding this issue.



Sorry I didn’t get my idea across. All I want to know is the API of setting the recording resolution. Thanks.


Hi Xu,

Currently Zoom SDKs don’t have API to control recording resolution. Zoom Cloud will take care of this.



So you’re talking about cloud recording. And users can store, stream and download video recordings from the Zoom Cloud. Right?


Hi Xu, 

Zoom will record what we capture, so the resolution is mainly depend on your machine and video device. 



Yes, you’re right, Wei. Zoom just record what the video capture card captures. It’s my fault. I forgot to turn on ‘Enable HD’ option of Video. Now the recorded video gets much clearer. Thanks, Wei.


How I can set recording resolution for Zoom Cloud?


Now I’m getting 640x360 and it’s not nice. We need 720p or 1080p.


Hi Школа Гивина:

the resolution depends on your device, Zoom will record what we receive from you camera.



Ok, I’ve got about video from my camera. What about video from other participants’ cameras?


Hi Школа Гивина:

It also depends on other’s camera resolution. Zoom can not control the resolution. 



You mean that Zoom will record in cloud maximum quality (resolution) that any participant’s camera will give?


Hi Школа Гивина,

Yes, it depends not only on the camera resolution, but also the network quality.



Ok, I will try to set HD quality and check the result.

Our network gives 40+ Mb/s for both download and upload.


I turned on (Enable HD) and my video recordings are still on 640 x 360. Please let me know if it is possible to record videos on 720p or 1080p. Thanks,