Hello Zoom Tech Team I have question on Zoom Sending video resolution and cloud recording resolution

I am developing zoom sdk on windows.
We send out video from windows ( mainly android, web, ios receive video stream that sent from windows zoom sdk ) . I can clear see that resolution of windows’ video 720p ( better than 360p ) however, on android , ios, web, the resolution drop down almost in 5 mins. I really wanna sustain good quality of video. I already enable 1080hd , enabled hd on source code, and even group hd enabled. Internet speed is almost 100mbps ( uploading, and downloading ) . I followed what the zoom documentation to do so, but live streaming video resolution drops, also cloud recording resolution always give me 360p. I never received high quality except when i screen share. ( i read zoom documentation that resolution of video depends on highest resolution of all, so definintely when i screen share it will produce my monitor screen sized resolution )

Please help me to increase recording resolution and live stream resolution
Thank you for reading.

Hey @ssijcfe,

I have followed up on the other thread about this issue so I will close this post out to keep things organized.