Hello Zoom Tech Team!

Long story short, I have question on “suggest to everyone” functionality in zoom application itself.
I’m not sure what that function exactly call in English , but the function is making host, co-host, or participants’ video to be shown to other users on active view no matter what another speak or become active user. Basically this function just make one user to be shown to other without changing active view screen.

So does Zoom Windows SDK support this function? I was reading through windows sdk reference page but i could not find function that related, or similar to above “suggest to everyone”.

Please provide any relative issues or functions.

( What i want to do is making one particular user to be fixed to everyone’ view. I know i can use normal view render to do so , but right now web sdk does not support customized view, so Im trying to work around. )

Thank you so much for reading :slight_smile:

Which Desktop Client SDK version?
Windows ( C# wrapper ) Latest SDK

Hey @ssijcfe,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

It sounds like the feature you are referring to is spotlighting. Which is indeed supported by the SDK :slight_smile:



Hello Michael !

Good to hear that the function exist.

Also, I have another question upon spotlightvideo .

Im trying to use “spotlightvideo” on customized view , but the documentations said itz only valid on zoom default UI .

So my question is that , is there possible way to use spotlightvideo on customized view in the near future?

Or any work around to use in customized view?

Hey @ssijcfe,

We do not yet have a way to spotlight a user using custom UI. There is discussions internally about this, but no timeline yet.


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