How do I spotlight a video with JavaScript API?

Can I call ‘Spotlight Video’ with JavaScript API?

I found ‘Spotlight Video’ in the Zoom web client.
But I could not find it in the documentation( ).

I need to spotlight a video with JavaScript.


Currently, our JS SDK, doesn’t support Spotlight Video. We’ll reach out to the Engineers to find out if this feature can be supported in the near future. 


Hi Michael, I got it.
Thank you for the reply.

Version 1.7.0 of the Web SDK seems to support Spotlighting a partipant:

However I dont see it in the reference? Anyone tried this?

On a separate note - I’m trying to help a teacher run her zoom classroom and she is on a Chromebook and we cant seem to find the “Spotlight Video” feature via the chromebook interface - anyone know where it is?


Hi @AussieInSeattle,

The spotlight feature is only available via the UI and not apart of the WebSDK reference. When the host is viewing the participants, click More, then Spotlight video.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 12.58.55 PM

Let us know if this helps!

That would be a nice improvement on the API

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Appreciate the feedback @pierophp.

We will implement this in the future.


Would also love to see a spotlight api

Count me in for the beta-test :wink:


Thanks for your interest @Richard! :slight_smile:

Stay updated here:


Very interested in having this added and beta testing this functionality.

Also the ability to set mute all through the API, but specifically that only hosts can unmute them. Like this checkbox, but through the API

Hey @dominic1,

With our SDKs, you can mute all.

Please share the API functionality feature request here: #feature-requests


Any potential time scale for the fulfilment of this in the api?

Hey @WeAreFamilyFDN,

No timeline yet. Stay updated here:


I would just like to add that I too would like to be able to spotlight and replace spotlight users in an automated fashion (using the api or even just being able to automate keyboard shortcuts)

Hey @charlie,

Thank you for sharing your interest in this feature! If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category. You can first search to see if this was posted and then comment on that post if you are able to find it. This will make sure that our engineering team is able to see the vast interest in this feature without parsing the forum.