UnSpotlightAllVideos function not working in SDK Meeting windows-

UnSpotlightAllVideos() function not working

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Programmatically, worked fine with older versions up until Version stops working

I am programming autospotlight function
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IMeetingVideoController* videoCtrl = pMeetingService->GetMeetingVideoController();
if (videoCtrl->SpotlightVideo(user_id) == ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKERR_SUCCESS)
m_currentSpotlightUserId = i;

				if (m_autoSpotlightOn)
				// done
				status = true;

Previously version worked fine.

Could you look into this?


I went to retest all the old versions. The only version works is zoom-sdk-windows-


Hi @Hong,

Can you please clarify what you mean when you say it isn’t working? Are you seeing a specific error, or is the method returning success with no effect?


When I run zoom with my account login, I can share “my Zoom Window Destop” just fine. I.e. I have my Zoom Gallery view on my desktop and Everyone will see my sharing gallery view.

I am trying the same thing with the SDK, evenone only see the background of my desktop, not the Gallery View.


It seems to me that you are not familiar with this feather of zoom.


Hi @Hong,

As mentioned in my previous reply, we need more information before we can assist. Just saying that something doesn’t work is not adequate, as there are multiple failure points. Please let me know if you need assistance with identifying and communicating what exactly is not working with regard to this feature and I’ll be happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Jon,

There are too many issue with the windows SDK lately.

  1. unSpotlightUsersVideo
  2. UnSpotlightUserVideo

Are not working progammatically i.e. when I spotlight a participant, then i try to remove that participant before I spotlight the next participant. the result is the next participant added to the existing spotlighted participants.

program does not report any error, but the behavior of unspotlightallvideo() does not remove the spotlighted video.

The function unspotlightallvideo() return sussess but the spotlighted video was not removed.