Poor audio quality

We embedding the sample code web sdk in our Blazor application but when we run, we are experiencing a very poor audio quality.

The audio quality is very poor (distorsion, noisy and delays) when we have at least two people in a meeting and at least one of them starts the video camera. With one video camera on, all the audio gets affected.

Which version?
Zoom Web Sdk version 1.7.10 from the CDN.

Additional context
We tested this in many web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc) with the same result and in fast computers with high speed internet.

This issue does not happen in the Zoom App, however we dont want to use the Zoom App, because is a requirement to our system to use the web sdk.

Any idea how to improve this issue. Would be available a beta or alpha version available on CDN that could improve this problem.

Thanks in advanced

Thanks in advanced

Hey @tom3,

We are aware of some audio issues with the Web SDK, and are working on a fix. Please see our upcoming changes page for updates on the audio issues:


Hi Tommy:

We tested version 1.8.0, but the audio issues stills exists, maybe is 10% better but too behind from the Zoom Web App.

Please let me know if you know some kind of setting or configuration that we could apply in order to improve the audio quality more.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @tom3,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you describe the audio issues in more detail?


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