Help me please, Can I make a virtual meeting in my same application with the zoom api?

If so, what would be the type of application and the configuration that I would have to do if I want that the people that I invite (through the URL or ID) do not have the need to authentification

Hello, yes you can do a virtual meeting with Zoom.
You have to use Zoom WebSDK.

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Currently I am not using code (I am working in Do you know if the solution you gave me will work for me and if I have to pay for any details?

You need to do a minimum of code for this, otherwise you can’t.

Maybe a zoom’s staff can help you

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Thanks mekdi.rois !!! for the answers you have already directed me
because before I did not know where to look or turn

Hey @lazocorinafanny123,

Glad @mehdi.rouis could point you in the right direction—let us know if you have further questions.


Hi Will, we still face issues when using the Zoom SDK. Our Application cannot pass the “Local Test” yet.

At the moment, we have two apps in Zoom marketplace. One seems active, DrHouse, but we do not use it, and the other we need to activate: Dr House SAC

can you tell us where is the issue? Let us know if you need our SDK Key to replicate the error

Hi @lazocorinafanny123,

Happy to further assist. In the first screenshot you’ve shared, it looks like you’re referring to your OAuth App. If the green installed button is faded like this, this means you’ve already installed the app locally.

Can you clarify what issue you’re running into when testing? If you wish to test this, you can click uninstall and then reinstall the OAuth app locally.

Let me know if there are any other details you can provide—thanks!

Hi @will.zoom,
With @lazocorinafanny123 we have actually make the test passed, locally. Now we are testing from, to connect it via the Bubble API Connector. That is, we as client are requesting a token from Zoom OAuth. This does not work. The error is prompt says: missing access_token getting data (Oauth2PWFlow)

We are using the Client ID and Secret from the “Development Mode”, because we have not yet published our OAuth App in Zoom Market place. Is it must to publish first, before we test it with Bubble-end?

Thanks for your clarificaiton.

Hi @drhouseperu,

Please see my post here and let me know if this helps to clarify:


I don’t even know how to help you sorry.

Hey Will, What are you looking for?


I can use all the help I can get!

Hi @seniorfinance,

Did you have a question we can help with? Let me know!


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