Integrate ZOOM Videos into my Website

I am trying to build a website where student & teachers can do video chat using ZOOM.
I am able to schedule a meeting using curl method "curl " which used to return me join_url & start_url.

First, I want to open meetings in HTML5 or Iframe so that users stay on my website.

Second, I need to know if teachers can join meeting without any host username password. As teachers are one kind of users on my website.

I am using PHP, Laravel framework for the same.


Hey @ergulshan,

For creating meetings, please use the V2 endpoint:

For embedding the Zoom Meeting itself into your website, use the Web SDK:

You can configure it to handle any passwords or usernames in the code so the teachers do not need to enter it.


Hi @tommy,

I am new to ZOOM and coding. Let me tell you my requirements, I think then you can better help.
We are building a website, where teacher or students can come and do meetings. I am using PHP for my coding.

  1. I want to schedule meetings automatically using APIs.
    Can you please confirm which APP, I need to create like JWT or oAuth?
  2. Want to start that meeting with in my website only, not a separate link… May be iFrame or HTML 5 player.
  3. I am looking for 20 hosts account for start it.

Please guide or let me know if we can have a webex call.


I’m also interested in learning how to launch a zoom meeting directly from my web app. I’d like to create the meeting, send out the link, and launch the meeting in a single click if possible.

If I learn something while hoping for a response I’ll post here what I find!

Hey @lalit, @sjenkins,

You should use a JWT App, and the create meeting API, and Web SDK.

Let me know if that helps!