Help with keyboard shortcuts and physical macro-keyboard

Hello zoom devs !

Being pushed to come here for help, I am looking for a way to make my macro-keyboard acts like a kind of “stream-deck” for elders and/or disabled persons. I’ve already succeded making it works with keyboard shortcuts on zoom desktop (windows), but I still have problems with 2 things :

  • Compatibility with Android : It seems like the keyboard shortcuts works with Windows, linux, MacOs, iOS, but not with android (why ?), is there any workaround to make it work with android-based devices ?

  • Getting Cam/Microphone/hand-raised status for led feedback under each switch of my keyboard.

Please keep in mind that I know coding quite well in Python C and Java (learned in college), but I am NOT a professional neither a specialist of Zoom developpement systems.
I just want to help some people which need help using zoom :slight_smile:

For an idea of what my “macro-deck” looks like, I have been greatly inspired by this DIY : Building a DIY Stream Deck (Mini Macro Keyboard) - Parts Not Included

Thanks at least for reading this topic

Hi @xray,

This is not something I’m particularly familiar with, but we greatly appreciate your initiative and contributions to the Zoom community. I’m looking forward to seeing what other folks chime in here!


Thanks a lot for your reply !
If only you could help me helping others, even at my scale…
Thanks again, I stay tuned


Hey @xray,

If you’re referring to the Android Zoom App then I would expect that keyboard support wasn’t factored in when it was created. I can see how this would be useful for accessibility though!

If this is with the Zoom app, you can leave feedback here so that our developers know what to improve going forward.


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