Help with setting up redirect URL for my zoom app

What should the redirect url for zoom app contain?
I am trying to create a zoom app that should be available for users in my company’s account to use, while creating the app its asking for a redirect url, I am not sure what I should provide here, I want to create a simple in meeting zoom app similar to the zoom timer app. Is there any resource to understand how the zoom timer app was built and what was the redirect url used there?

Hi @ddhiraj
Thanks for reaching out!
You will just need a redirect URL where you will redirect the users upon authorization, it basically is the address a user is directed to after authorizing an app.

Unfortunately, we do not have a reference for the Zoom timer app but we have a couple of sample apps that you can take a look at:

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @elisa.zoom thanks for your reply, actually our url can only be exposed internally and the app is also meant to be only used by internal users, hence the url can still be used as redirect url?

Hi @ddhiraj
Yes, even if the app is intended for internal use only, you need a redirect url where you will receive a code that will help you later on for authorization.