Hiding the password when opening the app with a link

hello to our users, we want to open the stream directly with Zoom Client URL Schemes, but we have two problems.

  1. When the application is opened, it requests mail and username as below screen. We want to log in directly. (link we use : zoomus://zoom.us/start?browser=chrome&confno=85453161408&zc=0&stype=99&sid=lBGPGzGdT8–2Yf3kjDY5gg&uid=lBGPGzGdT8–2Yf3kjDY5gg&token=xxxxxx&uname=Betty)

  2. Is there a way to hide the password on the connection? In order not to be shared with other people.

Hey @ayzasoft.live,

When using Registration, just share the registrants unique join_url which will open the app and put them in the webinar.

Are you trying to hide the password in the meeting?


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