Link join url Zoom with password not working when open in Web Browser Chorme

Hi I need help,

i have link join url example
when i try to open the link use web browser the password not show, but when i try to open with App Zoom password is show.

can anybody help me?

Hey @bentang.rohmat,

I do not understand your issue. Can you please provide screenshots?



Thank you for answering, so I have this problem, I try to set the meeting password through zoom api, when the meeting is created, I access the meeting link directly through browser, and I open the Zoom apps, I can successfully enter the room without password. But when I copy paste the meeting link through directly through the Zoom app, it says I have to enter the password. Then I typed the password that I have set before through the zoom api. And I successfully entered the meeting room.

My question is why when I access the meeting link from browsers, I dont need to enter meeting password to enter the room? meanwhile if I access the link through the Zoom app, I have to enter the password. Is it probably some kind of bugs?

Looking forward to your answers.

Thank you so much.

Hey @bentang.rohmat,

Good question, the join_url includes the password in the link, so it is passed to the Zoom App automatically.

When just entering the meetingID into the Zoom App, it will prompt you for the password.

Does that make sense?


Hey @tommy ,

I mean if you open the link with password ( in browser (chorme) the zoom password not working ?

this my video to show you, how zoom password not working

thank you

Hey @bentang.rohmat,

It looked like it worked. What happens after you click join on the video preview popup?


hey @tommy,

eemmm it didn’t work, a popup should appear to enter the password before popup join meeting with video or without video

maybe you should compare with the zoom app and browser, to find out where it went wrong