High CPU: will OMP_NUM_THREADS help

CPU load is high, all cores seem to be used. Can I use OMP_NUM_THREADS to reduce cores usage for some other work?

Which macOS Client SDK version?
I have this issue on all Mac and Linux versions, all the time (many versions over past year).

To Reproduce(If applicable)
No special steps, I run zoom, and watch with “top” what the load is;. It’s often more than 8. Doing any work on other apps became an exercise in patience.


Device (please complete the following information):
Both my Linux and Mac laptops have this. All versions. This is either a terrible feature or a bug.

Additional context
I know of no app that hoards my resources as much as zoom. And in over a year of active use, this has not improved at all.
The worst app to compete with zoom appears to be thunderbird mail client, but also editing a google doc in the browers become like 10x as slow. Moving the mouse to get me to switch context to multi-task or keep notes while doing the zoom is a nightmare. it’s like being back on a PC in 1980s. No wonder, the load can spike to over 10 sometimes.

Does zoom use OpenMP, can I set OMP_NUM_THREADS to like 2? This way at least the MT’s are not used.

Hi @teuben, thanks for using Zoom.

It appears that you are experiencing an issue with our Zoom client. This forum is meant only to assist developers who are integrating our SDK into their own applications. For help with the Zoom client, please visit our general support page. :slightly_smiling_face: