High delays joining a meeting with the Web SDK

We are observing high delays when joining a meeting via the Web SDK. The client will sit in a “connecting” state for sometimes up to two minutes before finally joining the call.

We don’t have an exact timeline for when these delays started, but we started seeing a ramp up at the end of last week and we’ve seen a much higher frequency over the past two days.

We primarily have the v2.6.0 Web SDK deployed, but when we rolled out v2.9.7 we also experienced similar issues. We’ve also confirmed with a partner company that maintains a similar deployment of the Web SDK and they are seeing the same issue.

This appears to be a regional issue as we’re seeing these delays from clients joining in the eastern US. Could there be some issue with Zoom’s US East data centers causing this large increase in meeting joining delays?

Hey @ryan, thanks for bringing this up. We’ll look at our logs and get back with more information. I’m going to DM you for meeting IDs.

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