High failure detected on published Zoom integration

We got informed by the Zoom team, that our app is seeing high failure rate for the https://zoom.us/oauth/token api.

We are working with Nylas to integrate the Zoom on our app, and in that way we are not directly communicating with any of the Zoom’s apis.

We were informed from the Zoom team about this high failure rate first on 31st January, 2023 and since then we are doing a back and forth with Nylas to identify what is the cause of the issue.

Recently, we were able to confirm that the issue or these api calls are not being sent from Nylas side. Also they are saying that it could be possible that this issue might have been present in past, but at the moment, there are not failing api calls they see in their logs.

The above is the detail we got from the Zoom team. We might need more details like the IP address from where these requests are coming from and also if possible the client id, so that we can see if these api calls are even being sent from our servers or someone external doing it.

Hi @developer-bildhive
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom developer Forum and welcome to our community!
I understand you are having a high failure rate when calling our OAuth endpoint.
Could you please share with me the name of your published App so I can reach out to the Marketplace team about this?

Hi @elisa.zoom

The name of the published Zoom is “Bildhive”. The client id is: ----

Thanks @developer-bildhive
Let me take a look into this

@elisa.zoom Do you have any update ?

Hi @developer-bildhive
sorry for the late reply! I will send you a private message so you can share more details with me