High latency for the participants to show up

We are doing video call between two user with waiting room concept, in which there was high latency on showing participants on the host side to admit the person to the call , it takes min 10-15 sec

Which version?
latest 64 bit support version
To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Enter waiting room and wait for admission
  2. on Host side enter the room , wait for the participants to appear
  3. Takes 10 -15 sec to see participants
  4. then admit on host side

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Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Android / Iphone latest

Additional context
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Hi vijay,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I will pass this information to our engineering team and look into it.


Thanks, please let us know if you have any info

Hi vijay,

Thanks for the reply. We have observed the same situation and we are looking into it. This might take some time. I will keep you posted here.


Any updates on this?

Hi vijayk.kannan,

Thanks for the reply. Currently I do not have any update on this. I will keep you posted here once I have anything. Pardon the inconvenience and hope you have a nice day.